We are a daring team of indie game devs.

Our company

CloverCreek Entertainment is an indie game studio from Helsinki, Finland. We create immersive and engaging video games for players who enjoy challenging and rewarding gaming experiences.


Our purpose is to create immersive and engaging video games for players who enjoy challenging and rewarding gaming experiences.
We also aim to continuously bring value to the gaming community by driving the gameplay and UX innovations and experimenting with emerging genres, as well as revitalizing classic retro experiences.


To become a AAA studio that inspires and attracts top talents from all over the world and crafts state-of-the-art games that become the new classics in the years to come.


Gameplay-driven design

We firmly believe that at the core of every product we make, should be the exceptional and industry-leading gameplay experience. We prioritize engaging and immersive gameplay as the key component of our games' appeal, and we are dedicated to experimenting and refining this component until we see it truly shine.

Quality commitment

We seek and praise honest feedback from our colleagues, players and other stakeholders, and we are heavily determined to constantly improve the quality of our games and work processes.

Unrelenting passion

We pour our very souls into our games, and thus we only take on projects that our team is truly passionate about. We welcome daring creative decisions and unconventional problem solving, and do our very best to produce unique and innovative gaming experiences.

Respect and equality

We treat each other, players, stakeholders and all other people equally with the same high level of respect, and provide equal opportunities to all team members regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, nationality or any other factor. We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination, bullying, and favoritism.

Effective communication

We value clear, open and honest communication both inside the team and with other stakeholders. We believe that by communicating effectively with each other, our players and partners, we can ensure transparency, trust, and timely decision-making.

Healthy work environment

We believe that people should work in a healthy, encouraging and friendly environment to be efficient and happy doing their job. We support each other and strive to set realistic deadlines and expectations for the team to keep the working conditions healthy and comfortable.

Our team

Tatiana Bartceva
Paul Bazarov
Creative Director
Petr Dyachikhin
Lead Developer
Slava Solovyev
UX / UI Designer
Artem Ivanov
Game Programmer
Alexandr Chernyshev
Technical Artist
Sergei Rybakov
Game Programmer


We are constantly looking for talents who are passionate about making games. If you feel like it, drop us a line at corp@clovercreekent.com